One Day At A Time

Gin and Tonic after work, wine with dinner, scotch or bourbon after dinner, a cold beer on a warm Saturday afternoon…  This was how I lived my life for a long time.  Always coming up with an excuse to drink – or more importantly a reason why my drinking wasn’t actually a problem.  I have a general anxiety disorder and instead of getting medical help I chose to self medicate through alcohol.  I drank away my anxiety and replaced it with the disease of addiction.  Unfortunately, my story is hardly unique – the stigmas associated with mental health disorders, and the disease of addiction, cause many people to avoid seeking treatment.  This fear and shame leads to death and destruction that should never occur.  The fear of never drinking again, or admitting that I was an alcoholic or that I had an anxiety disorder, was too much for me to even begin to comprehend.  The good news is I do not have to think about never drinking again, I just can’t drink today.  I will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.  The “One Day at a Time” slogan is what we alcoholics and addicts must remember to keep us sane.  So since I only have 24 hours, I might as well be sober and see what happens!  Enjoy the blog, but most importantly enjoy the 24 hours of grace and sobriety today; worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

***Disclaimer***  The posts written on this site are strictly my thoughts and beliefs or those of a guest author.  I do not represent any group, recovery program, rehab facility, etc.  I am also not a mental health or addiction professional, just someone who has suffered with these issues and wishes to share their story.

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